A unexpected loss

Rest in peace Klaus.

From the book

Wiley & Sons requested a picture of our glycocalyx paper to be used in a college-level textbook.

Yes, it is a bit pretentious to use Paul Erdős' quote "from the book". It is not a fundamental concept. It is not the main result of the manuscript. It is only the pretty picture what Wiley wants. But somehow that paper made its way into a textbook, and for me it counts.

Therefore, I can only recommend you to buy the 8th edition of Cell and Molecular Biology by Gerald Karp, and enjoy watching the tiny Figure 7.2c. If the picture does not impress you very much, let me tell you that behind that picture, there were people. People who worked in Zurich and Lugano during the freezing winter of 2012, who proofreaded through skype, who wrote a 27-page response to the reviewers, who put a lot of hearth into that paper, and who think that Berlin is an awesome city.

El discurso

Un recuerdo del 2005, cuando mi madre iniciaba su segunda etapa en la administración pública.

Would we go this time?

Peru is fighting again for a place in the next world cup: Brazil 2014. Although being a supporter of the peruvian team is a painful experience, I somehow enjoy the struggle of every single game. I wrote some lines about our current coach, as a failed attempt to kill insomnia after watching the Colombia-Peru game at midnight.

School Blues

Looking for a good book for the weekend? Go for School Blues by Daniel Pennac. It is beautiful, and I do not use the word beautiful very often. Just look at this snippet:

"At any encounter, you realize that life blossomed, so unexpected as the shape of a cloud"

Environmental Sena

Several years ago I traveled to India with two friends. We were not seeking for spiritual guidance. Impossible, we were already beyond redemption, the travel was just for plain curiosity and fun. Over there, we stayed some days in the hometown of one of my friends.

To make a long story short, his parents have no more kids. They had only two, and both my friend and his sister were living in the US. So my friend's parents decided to help many street kids, just because they like it and expecting nothing in return. And I really mean nothing: no money, no recognition, no hidden self-promotion. An attitude difficult to find nowadays. I had the chance to meet the kids. And yes, they do have a website.

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